Where can I buy Mustang Safety Boots?

Please use our Store Locator to find your nearest store or their online shops for a pair of Mustang.


Are Mustang Safety Boots safety approved?

Yes. All Mustang safety boots are certificated to the AS/NZS 2210.3:2009 safety standard. For details see our webpage and click here.


Where are they made?

 All Mustang Safety Boots product styles are designed by our local staff with trades background and made by our factory in China which has 27 years of footwear manufacturing experience.


What’s the relationship between Mustang and other companies?

We are WA based PPE (personal protective equipment) wholesaler. We have no relationship with any other businesses named similar to us.


Are prices listed from your website uniform prices?

No. Prices from our website are recommended retail prices for Australian market,  we don’t make decision for our retailers. 


Do Mustang Safety Boots come with warranty?

Yes. We offer six month factory warranty on all our safety footwear. See Warranty for details.


Why are my new boots so stiff in their sole?

Due to their hazard resistant nature, safety footwear outsoles are different from leisure shoes. It generally takes one to two weeks for them to get used to your feet and last that way for their life.


Why are your boots lighter than other brands?

Light in weight and heavy in protection is one of our product features. Being light doesn’t mean a cut in quality, but is a benefit of the German DESMA technology that we use.


What does a 200 Joule rating mean?

 A joule is equal to the energy expended in applying a force for one metre. The toe cap in safety shoes are often rated by joules. A steel toecap protects the foot from the impact from falling objects up to a guaranteed value of 200 joule. This impact represents to the energy created by a sharp object weighing 20 kilos falling from a height of 1 meter.

What is PU and EVA midsole mean?

 EVA - (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) A diverse midsole material which is durable, lightweight, and provides responsive cushioning

PU - (Polyurethane) A durable, long-lasting midsole material, which gives a firmer ride
TPU - (Thermoplastic Urethane) outsole for superior wear properties.


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