Australia is never lacking in snakes and spiders from the bush or from your house. Creepy crawlies love to make a home of your boots, causing safety and hygiene hazards. BootOver is designed to protect your footwear against any nasties so you have no worries in the morning. 



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BootOver Orange

 Mustang Wear Patent Product

RRP: $5.5/PAIR



 Product Features


  • One size fits all
  • Hi-vis colour
  • Breathable and washable
  • Quality stretching fabric
  • Cold moisture resistant
  • Elastic grips


  • Many people working in remote area like to leave their work boots outside their rooms during night and day time to let the boots breathe for fresh air or to avoid bringing mud into their rooms, but suffered the experience of finding snakes, spiders, scorpions, centipedes or even frogs making a home there. BootOver is invented to easily cover the boots and prevent any creepy crawlies entering into the boots.
  • Material used for boot covers is not water proof so that air could exchange, however, it does resist cold moisture from getting into the boots during winter. Test finds that a pair of boots left outdoor for a night are extremely cold in the morning to put on and it normally takes one hour for the user to warm them up. With the BootOver, temperature in boots is moderate in the morning and it takes about ten minutes to raise the temperature into normal level.
  • These boot covers are also good for domestic use, when shoes are not in use for a long time and be stored in your garage, warehouse or cabinet. Cover your shoes with the BootOver over the collars and heels, so nothing could make access to your shoes.
  • It is also ideal tool for hikers, fishing lovers who are camping in wild environment.
  • Whenever and wherever you have concerns that dust, dirts, leaves, creepy crawlies entering your footwear, BootOver is applicable.
  • One size fits all types of work boots particularly Mustang Safety Boots. Available from all Mustang Wear retailers and other safety stores.
  • Small things make big difference, and BootOver is a typical example.



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